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Brief Background
Bulawayo Polytechnic is an academic institution established in 1927 in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe; initially as a technical school. The current main campus on Park Road in Suburbs was built in 1942. The Division of Art & Design is based at a campus on George Silundika Street in the central business district. This campus also offers training for artisans in bricklaying, plumbing, carpentry, joinery, and wood machining. (The polytechnic is sometimes wrongfully called Bulawayo Polytechnic College instead of Bulawayo Polytechnic.)
Bulawayo Polytechnic has grown phenomenally, both in terms of student and staff population as well as in the range of disciplines on offer. It is the Second largest polytechnic in the City of Bulawayo. Student enrollment currently stands at 4000 which is underpinned by a staff compliment of 350. Since its establishment, the Polytechnic has produced over 1 million graduates. Driven by values of Ubuntu/Unhu and Excellence the Polytechnic prides itself in being the provider of highly empowered human capital through excellent Scientific, Technical and Vocational Education and Training for sustainable socio-economic development.
The institution falls under the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technical Development. It offers a wide range of HEXCO, Short Courses and CIty & Guilds Courses.
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Our Vision
To be the leading provider of highly empowered human capital through excellent Scientific, Technical and Vocational education and Training for sustainable socio-economic development.
Our Mission
To develop skilled human capital and entrepreneurs through the provision of dynamic quality Scientific, Technical and Vocational education and Training for sustainable socio-economic development.
Our Core Values
Integrity​ | Professionalism | Excellency

​ Industry | Creativity | Entrepreneurship ​

Social Responsibility | Patriotism ​ Ubuntu/Hunhu | Tolerance

Meet The Team

Our Senior Staff Members

Bulawayo Polytechnic
The Principal's Note
Mrs C. Masanganise
Bulawayo Polytechnic is committed towards the provision of qualitative rather than quantitative Technological Education and Training in order to satisfy the current and future human needs of the formal and informal sector in Zimbabwe and the region. Bulawayo Polytechnic strives to reach out to commerce and industry through its Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) thrust in order to tackle major national challenges and use TVET as a vehicle for modifying current technological trends and inventing the future through research and innovation.
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Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. I. Nezungai
School of Hospitality
& Tourism
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mrs. T. Sibanda
H.O.D Administration
Bcom in Purchasing and Supply
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. Chikwira
HOD School of Hospitality
& Tourism
MSc. Marketing, B.Com Marketing, Dip Tech Voc Ed [UZ]
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. G. Manhuru
H.O.D Adult & Continued
Dip Spanish Language
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Ms. P. Mnkandla
B.ED Educational Mngt
& Leadership
ND Tech Voc Ed, ND Clothing Production NC. Industrial Clothing Design & Con.
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Ms. E.D Mubayiwa
H.O.D Applied Science
& Technology
B.Ed Biological Sciences [UZ]
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. D. Mhlanga
H.O.D Automotive
B.Eng. (Hons) Industrial Eng.
Bulwayo Polytechnic
Mr. V. Rwatida
H.O.D Civil & Construction Engineering
ND. Voc and Tech Education,
Journeyman Class 1, NACC, NC
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. T Munjeri
Honours Bachelor of
Accountancy (UZ)
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mrs. L. Chigara
H.O.D Human
MBA and Bcom Human
Resources Management
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. J. Ndlovu
MBA [NUST], B.Com Mgt [NUST], PGD Dev Studies [LSU], PGD Mgt [NUST], HND Purchasing & Supply, FETC
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. E. Rusike
H.O.D Electrical
BSc. Computer Science [NUST],
Tech Voc Educ [UZ] ND.
Electrical Power
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. M. Sibanda
H.O.D Mechanical
BSc. Psychology [ZOU], ND Mech Plant Eng, Dip. Tech Voc Ed
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. R. Chipere
L.I.C Examinations

B.Tech Applied Chem [U.Z],
Grad C.E [U.Z]
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. G.K. Mashayeni
Principal Librarian

BSc. Hons. Library & Info Science [NUST] HND Library & Info Science, NC. Library & Info Science
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. E. Mtshiya
L.I.C Student Affairs

HND Business Studies
Int Diploma CIS
Bulawayo Polytechnic
Mr. C.C. Landa
H.O.D Applied
Art & Design
B.Tech.Ed (Hons)Appl. Art &Design[NUST], HND Mkt Mgt, FETC, ND Textile Design,
NC Appl. Art & Design