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About Division
Research and Innovation at Bulawayo Polytechnic is the institutions way of life. We seek to build a research culture and promote research activities by students and members of staff. Since 2011, the inception of the Research and Innovation Association of Bulawayo Polytechnic ( RIABP) has been the main driver of all research inventions. We focus and have embraced TVET and Heritage based research solutions for the industry and communities. In the coming years, we will produce more inventions that will increase Bulawayo Polytechnics’ research output and provide more solutions to Zimbabwe.
Our Vision
To be the leader in research and innovation activities among Polytechnics in Zimbabwe and the region.
Our Mission
To promote research and innovation through networking and capacity.
Head of Department
Mr. M. M. Nsikani
Mlaleli Mlungisi Nsikani is a lecturer in the Mechanical Engineering Division at Bulawayo Polytechnic. He teaches Machineshop students Engineering Mathematics and Workshop Technology. His research interests are in Mechanical Engineering, Technical Education and Gender. He has presented papers at the ZOU, MSU, NUST and Bulawayo Polytechnic Conferences. Some of his work is published at the ZOU special Journal of Education. He is in the Rapid Results Initiative (RRI) – R & D Funding National Technical Working Group (TWG) for the National Science Technology and Innovation system Zimbabwe.
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Ongoing Research Work
1) Ongoing Research Work At Bulawayo Polytechnic at the Division of Applied Sciences, we have made fruit juices from traditional fruits. That is:
  • Umbhunzu Tea
  • Baobab Juice
  • Umviyo Juice
  • Umbhunzu Juice
2) At the Division of Mechanical Engineering, we have designed and manufactured a wall designer watch. The watch can be hanged at homes, office and at workshops. It derives its flavour from the Mechanical Engineering machineshop. It is made out of steel and bolts used to show hours.

3)At the Bachelor of Technology Environmental Science in conjuction with Mechanical Engineering Division, we have designed and manufactured a waste burn facility. Its main purpose is to burn waste. It is convenient for school and rural clinics.