Welcome to the Department of
Research & Innovation
"Thinking Beyond Today"
Research and Innovation at Bulawayo Polytechnic is the institutions way of life. We seek to build a research culture and promote research activities by students and members of staff. Since 2011, the inception of the Research and Innovation Association of Bulawayo Polytechnic (RIABP) has been the main driver of all research inventions. We focus and have embraced TVET and Heritage based research solutions for the industry and communities. In the coming years, we will produce more inventions that will increase Bulawayo Polytechnics’ research output and provide more solutions to Zimbabwe.
Our Vision
To be the leader in research and innovation through networking and capacity
Our Mission
To promote research and innovation through networking and capacity
Ongoing Research Work
The institution participates in RIOSET, ZITF, Research Conferences National and International. These include those hosted by ZOU, NUST, Byo Poly, Mutare Poly, ATUPA, SANBIAO just to mention a few. The institution also hosts research weeks and conferences annually.
Through the Research and innovation committee the institution is producing:
  • Bottled water, Heritage drinks & Wines
  • Jams made from indigenous fruits like amarula (Umganu, mufura), ginger (tsangamidzi), Vitex Payos (umsthwankela, tsvubvu), Vangueria infausta (Umviyo – munjiro)
The Institution hosts research conferences annually and is in the process of registration of IP trademarks for 2 products and retail certification for the institution’s products. We also have Bulawayo TVET Journal tvetjournal.ac.zw which provides updates on researches done within the institution.