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Automotive Engineering
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About Division
Our Mission is to impact education and training to the students within the division so as to equip them with domain knowledge and skills in the field of Automotive Engineering and management, along with positive attitude and respect for moral values.
The division offers Motor Vehicle Mechanic services to the institution and other organisations. The division specialises in vehicle body repair and refurbishing.
Outline of Courses Division Offers
#Courses offered both Full – Time (FT) and Part – Time (PT)
##Courses offered Part – Time (PT) only
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Certificate Level

Certificate Level Courses

Diploma Level

Diploma Courses

Parallel Courses

City & Guilds
Short Courses
  • Motor Vehicle Systems (Certificate/Diploma)
  •  Advanced Diploma Diagnostic Techniques (Heavy & Light Vehicles)
  • Motor Vehicle Technician (Certificate & Diploma)
  •  Advanced Technicians Diploma In Diagnostic Techniques (Light & Heavy)
  • Advanced Technicians Diploma In Motor Vehicle Management (Light & Heavy)
  • Trade Testing Class 4-1: 
    Motor Vehicle Mechanics. 
    Diesel Plant Fitting. 
    Auto Electrics. 
    Vehicle Body Repair
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National Certificate Courses

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National Certificate Courses
Entry Requirements
  • A minimum of 5 ‘O’ levels subjects at grade C or better including English Language, Mathematics and a Science subject
Course Duration
  • One Year Full Time for Apprentices Two Years Full Time at the Bulawayo Polytechnic plus, one year of industrial attachment for Direct Entry students.
  • Motor Vehicle Mechanics #
  • Automobile Electrics and Electronics #
  • Diesel Plant Fitting #
  • Automotive Precision Machining
  • Vehicle Body Repair and Refinishing
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National Diploma Courses

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National Diploma Courses
Entry Requirements
  • A relevant national Certificate
Course Duration
  • 2 Years Full-time 
  • or Part-time plus six months plus  industrial attachment.
  • Automotive Technician #
  • Road and Rail Transport Industry Management #
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